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UK & European Junior Drag Racer


My story so far.


Welcome to my website ! 
I'm Frankie I am a European junior drag racer from the UK ....

I began my journey 3 years ago , where my family arranged for me to have a taster day in a junior stock at Shakespeare County Raceway ! 

It is safe to say from that day I was hooked , it was an emotional day for me and my family as it was a dream come race 

My Mum and Dad are my race team , Dad was brought up on drag racing my Grandma and Grandad built the raceway at Shakespeare so I guess thats where it all started and of course when Dad met Mum one of their first dates was to SantaPod to watch the racing ! 

2018 as a great year ,the European tour was a huge success , racing in Bad Sobernheim Germany , Clastres France and of course Santa Pod Uk . 


In the UK National finals we got to the semi finals losing by .04 of a second 

We collected the win in Germany at the Junior Dragsters Internationals, in Clastres we achieved the quarter finals twice and the finals in the UK junior funday where my friend beat me by .006 of a second .

I collected three trophies for runner up, best reaction time and best package so all was not lost ha ha  ! 


2019 will be our fourth season and we are super excited ! 

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